Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Tribute to the Abused

Tonight I cried for the past
My scars were reopened
The pain seized me fast

Though no blood ever escaped
from my wide open wounds
I felt my body drenched in stain
And my soul darkened too

The pain I had thought
I left all behind
Was raping my heart once
Again in the night

I fought so very hard
To push It away
To move on to greener fields
And embrace the light of day

Though I felt safe in the arms
of the rays of the sun
The familiarity of the dark
kept Beckoning me come.

And this is the part
that I hate most of all
That I craved to be back
in that awful black hole

Though it forcefully invaded
The depths of my heart,  
Tore open my safety
And broke me apart.

Though it robbed me of my Innocence
And left me naked on the floor.
I'll never understand why
I keep coming back for more.

For some stupid reason
That only God knows why
I keep opening these scars
To inevitably cry.

I hunger and thirst
To feel worthless as I did
To be perfectly damaged
Used merchandise; no good.

And so tonight
I let the past shadows consume me
Their dark arms
I let them enclose me.

And though at first I felt relief
To finally let go
The agony quickly captured me
With endless tears that did follow

Tonight, my dear friends,
In short I lost a battle.
I guess I had been
Just a little too fragile

My fight was all over
I couldn't hold on
And to my dismay

The darkness had won.

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