Thursday, October 20, 2016

Looking On Forever

It's funny how your smell 
is the warmest thing I know.
How your laugh 
is my favorite soundtrack
and your chest 
is the strongest sleeping pill.
I love the way you make me smile
when I couldn't on my own.
I love the way you lift me higher,
just by being around.
I am a better person 
Because I know you're watching.
But when I can not seem to change
You love me just the same.
What would I do 
with out your crazy obsessions?
I would never know the empowering sound of the color yellow,
nor the thrill of the fight among the living and the dead.

Your art colors my art, love,
Your passion feeds my passion.
Without you, my song would sing a different tune.
I guess that isn't a bad thing,
but, oh, what a sweet melody you've given me.

Thank you for the moonlit talks
on those sleepless nights.
You listen to me, like what concerns me
concerns you.
You listen not only with your ears
But with your eyes.
You listen not only for today
But for every tomorrow.
Thank you for giving me your precious time.
I know how much that costs.
But, baby,
If you asked,
 I'd pay you hourly
To have you by my side.

Thank you for understanding
even when I'm trapped in confusion.
You hold my hand
Oh so firmly in your own
and we walk through the fog.
We walk together.
We walk together.

Could I take you back
to the days where love
was a yes or no question?
Lets touch the sky together
on a little old swing-set!
Lets giggle as our swings move in sync
You know what that means!

Come run in the feilds
as fast as we can
and pick the most beautiful dandelion we can find.
Come discover the simple exhilaration
 found in holding hands
and watch me blush
at your kiss on my cheek.

As we grow old lets always grow young.
I want to always find joy in the simple things.
I want to never feel like there isn't anything left to be explored.
And though we know
love may be more complicated
I want to always answer
with a yes or a no.

You are my best friend.
Yes you!
We'll play together
And we'll cry together
But through every up and down

You'll be there.

I'll be there too.

Would you sing me a lullaby tonight?
Is that too much to ask?
Would you tickle my ears with your gentle breath?
If I fell asleep,
would you stay by my side?

Come dance in my dreams,
and play in my thoughts
I want you here with me.

Come watch the sunrise on a thousand futures,
And tell me you see us in each of them.

I could make you happy!
Baby, I know I could make you happy!

I would love you and hold you
Through every darkened day
and every awakened night.

My world would be yours
My hopes,
my dreams,
my days,
my everything,
give to you.

love you!

love you, I love you, I love you!

I know it may sound cheesy
but isn't that what love is?
A bunch of raw feelings
that came from the inside of our heart
pressured into hard deep affections
 and with time
 turned into a molded culturized devotion
that we crave to consume.

And maybe we're young and naive.
Maybe the more advanced may scoff
and maybe we're two foolish kids
Falling for that foolish game called love.
But maybe
Just maybe
we're not.
Just maybe
we are looking on forever.

So darling, won't you take my hand?
And never let go?
I don't know about you but...

I'm looking on forever.

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