Thursday, October 20, 2016


What does it mean to have faith?

Is it just a word we use on Sunday when the preacher sets us aside?
Is it just an act for people around us so no one is exposed to our true feelings?
Or is it something more?
Can a person believe in something, feel something, hope for something that isn't there?
When faced by the jaws of reason can you block out the dark and see a light that doesn't exist?
Or does it?
Faith is such a wishy washy word.
Or at least the thing we have faith in is always unsure.
So why is it so desirable to have faith when statistics almost entirely prove you wrong?
It seems that human nature grasps the rope of uncertainty in hopes that the pain and horror of life is not all.
It seems that human nature craves a deeper meaning, a higher being, a celestial state to strive for and to strive to be.
Is it better to hold to to that invisible rope that leads to an unknown world beyond who we are?
Or is it better to face and accept the numbers and the science presented on earth?
Is it better to succom to the popular opinion or hope for a better solution?
Do people ever really have faith or is there always a certain nagging in the back of the mind reminding them that the odds are not in their favor?


Where are the answers?


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