Thursday, October 20, 2016

Today I Woke Up Loving You

Today, I woke up to the smell of your shirt dancing in my mind,
to the sound of your voice tickling my ears,
to your breath warming my veins,
to your touch,
your caress,
your hands in mine.

I woke up to the realization that I had left my heart in your pocket.
Your eyes
masters of persuasion,
allured me into your embrace
and I don't think I ever left.

I woke up to the painful sores on my shoulder that your burning tears had left.
Your trembling lips still trembling on mine.
Your words written on my skin "Don't go"
I never meant to hurt you.
I never meant to hurt you.

I woke up to the once confusing feelings 
even more perplexing than before.
My intentions were to make things right.
My desire was to love you enough to sacrifice.
But now I have woken up to a rope tied around my waist.
It's connected to your waist, you know.

I woke up to the ever growing appetite to laugh with my best friend,
To feel that strange connection as our words fill holes in life's massive puzzle,
To enjoy the silent energy of sitting side by side.

I woke up to a fairy tale coming true,
And I shouted to the world, "Walt Disney had it right!"
My prince was real and a prince he was, 
A prince of the kingdom of my love.

I woke up to a promise.
a promise to always stand beside you,
and to sit next to you,
and to lie forever in your arms.


My heart,
My life,
My everything,

Today, I woke up loving you.

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